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Also added was the security option to erase your phone data if there are 10 failed attempts at logging onto your iPhone. It could be through emails, social media accounts, Wi-Fi, etc. Not to mention how anyone can spy on your phone using an iPhone spy app! This includes iMessage, call logs, emails, Safari browsing history, app use, social media activities, and more. The iPhone spy app user receives notifications on their account panel, which can be accessed on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Installing Software?

Along with this, this type of software can work on the least iOS versions, and iPhone and iPad models. So, even if you just updated your iPhone, you not out of reach from iPhone spies. This technology is created to be stealthy and undetectable by the target device owner. So, with online criminals and people taking advantage of iPhone spy apps and security flaws, make sure to update your iPhone.

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Tags highster mobile iOS update iphone spy app iPhone spy without jailbreak spy apps. You must be logged in to post a comment. Lock Screen: A person with physical access to an iOS device being able to see the email address used for an iTunes account. Mail Message Framework: A remote attacker could cause arbitrary code execution.

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MobileLockdown: A malicious app gaining access to root privileges. The holes in Apple's iOS software allow a hacker to take control of your phone by simply sending you a bugged message. The find flies in the face of recent suggestions by Apple that it's the company to turn to if you care about privacy and security.

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Research was carried out by a team at Project Zero, Google's security research group that tracks down so-called "zero day" vulnerabilities. These bugs are named as such because whoever's in charge of the software has "zero days" to find a solution. They're a valuable tool for hackers and are constantly being hoarded by cyber criminals and intelligence agencies, while others attempt to find and fix them.

Of the six flaws found by the team, Apple has now patched five. To protect yourself, simply update to the latest version of iOS. Four of the six — including the one not yet patched by Apple — allow a hacker to break into your phone by sending you an iMessage filled with malicious code.

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From here, they can copy files like your photos, messages and possibly your bank details — or even crash your phone, wiping everything on it. Other flaws found by Google allowed hackers to break into your iPad or Mac computer using similar methods.

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Apple urged users to update their iPhones to iOS Apple has previously stated that keeping your software up to date is "one of the most important things you can do to maintain your Apple product's security. As for the sixth flaw, The Sun understands that Apple is currently investigating a fix.

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There's no word yet on when that might become available. Apple has made a point over the past 18 months to tout its commitment to user security, with boss Tim Cook declaring in January that privacy is a "fundamental human right". It has become a key part of Apple's advertising campaigns as tech titans like Facebook and Google find themselves under intense scrutiny for their lapse attitude to user data.

At this year's CES conference, where most of the world's biggest tech firms were in attendance, Apple took a sly dig at its rivals with a huge billboard.

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